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    Need an idea for a present?

    There we are! We have prepared something great for you – a beautiful gift cards of nominal value: 50, 100, 150 and 200 zł.

    Deciding what to eat in Munja is not an easy choice – juicy meats from the grill, hand-made noodles or maybe wonderful sea food? Give your loved ones this nice dilemma and invite them for a true Adriatic feast!


    1. Munja Gift Vouchers (hereinafter referred to as Vouchers) authorize the bearer to use all the services offered in the Munja Restaurant in accordance with the value of the voucher.
    2. The offer includes Vouchers worth PLN 50, PLN 100, PLN 150 and PLN 200.
    3. Vouchers can be purchased directly at the Munja Restaurant.
    4. The voucher cannot be returned or exchanged for cash.
    5. There is a possibility of additional payment to the voucher, if the Voucher User wants to use the services, the value of which exceeds the value of the voucher.
    6. The validity period of the Voucher is 3 months from the date of its issue, in accordance with the date shown on the Voucher document.
    7. Failure to use the Voucher in accordance with the deadline specified in the content of the Voucher document is tantamount to the expiry of the gift voucher and shall not constitute grounds for its holder to make any claims against the Munja Restaurant in this regard.
    8. The Voucher holder is obliged to present it before asking for a fiscal account.
    9. These Terms of Use of Vouchers constitute an integral part of the purchase of Vouchers. The Voucher User declares that he has read its content and accepts it in full.
    10. The regulations for using the Vouchers are valid from 23/06/2017 and are available at the Munja Restaurant (ul. Grzybowska 43, 00-855 Warsaw).